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Lota Slobodian

Lota is a Ukrainian-born artist with 18+ years of experience of working with kids. As part of family-owned event management business, she planned performances from scratch, designed costumes and decorations.

Being a mom of two kids and a sympathizer of early childhood development, Lota fills every day with different kinds of kid’s art projects. Huge work of opening children potential brought her to her own kid’s dreams to be painter and designer. Great decision was made and long artist’s way was begun.

In 2015 her family moved to Nashville, USA. At first, a lot of empty space on rental apartment’s walls caused frustration and pushed her to start working on positive and bright funny creatures. In 2017 Lota’s family landed in Vancouver, Canada.

Lota’s works are full of drive energy, victorious desire to live, striving act and moving ahead.

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