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What is IDS?

Independent Directed Studies (IDS) is a program for pro-active and sucessful high-school students who like challenges and learning new things, beyond regular school program.

BC's Ministry of Education describes IDS as the following. Under teacher supervision, students can earn additional IDS credits by pursuing curriculum in more detail of a course they’re enrolled in or by focusing on the learning outcomes of a course that they’re not taking.

To participate in this method of learning, students must demonstrate the ability to work independently. Along with their teacher, they should also develop an Independent Directed Study plan that includes:
- A process for ongoing facilitation and assessment
- Criteria for determining successful completion
- A credit value (one, two, three or four credits) for the proposed IDS

Students do not need to complete the approved classroom course curriculum before they pursue an Independent Directed Study in that course. However, an IDS must be based on the learning outcomes of a Ministry-Developed or Board/Authority Authorized Grade 10, 11 or 12 course.

You can earn 1 to 4 credits for an IDS (4 credits = 1 full course)
- 30 hrs - 1 point
- 60 hrs - 2 points
- 90 hrs - 3 points
- 120 hrs - 4 points

The maximum value for a single IDS course is 4 credits; however, there is no limit to the total number of IDS credits a student may earn. Also, grade 12 IDS credits may count toward the minimum of 16 Grade 12 credits required for graduation. IDS credits may only be used to satisfy elective requirements.

For more information about IDS, please refer to your school IDS advisor.


RUSART introduced IDS programs starting 2016. Our teachers have many years of experience in teaching students in academic way. Our professional team have deep knowledge of modern technologies as all we are practicing artists, designers, and illustrators, award and competitions winners.

We have a list of courses you can choose from or you can offer your own. We’re always open to new and inspiring things. Each course should be taken within either fall, winter/spring, or summer semesters.

Our courses:
Pigments: Theory, Practice, and Influence on Arts - 61 hours, 2 credits
Art Movements: Theory and Practice - 60 hours, 2 credits
Art as a Business - 60 hours, 2 credits

Check our locations and schedules. Contact Elena Perelman (email preferred for the first contact), an art instructor and owner:
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