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Art Classes in South Surrey

Each class is 6 students or less.
Prices do NOT include GST. Prices are subject to GST (GST 81815 3918 RT0002).
Rates are the same for children and adults.
We issue tax receipts in February of each year, for the entire past year.
Please read our policy

Option 1 hr 1.5 hr 2 hr
Drop-in $18 $26 $34
A pack of 4 classes (MUST be taken in 4 consecutive weeks): $60 ($15 each) $88 ($22 each) $112 ($28 each)
Special prices on a pack of 4 classes to be applied in case:
2 or more immediate family members are signed up OR
A student is a senior OR
A student is coming twice a week
$54 ($13.5 each) $80 ($20 each) $100 ($25 each)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4.30-5.30 PM Children
Available from September 11
No classes 4.00-5.00 PM Children
Available for private lessons
No classes No classes 10.00-11.00 AM Children
Available from September 16
No classes
5.45-6.45 PM Children
Available from August 7
No classes5.15-6.15 PM Children
No classes No classes No classes No classes
7.00-9.00 PM Teens+Adults
Available from August 7
No classes 6.30-8.30 PM Adults+Teens
No classes 5.30-7.30
Art Appreciation Talks.
Session 1. Art Appreciation Criteria

Sep 22, 2017
No classes No classes

Rates, policy, and schedule are subject to change. Current clients will be notified about any changes.

This is not a commercial location. Elena Perelman is teaching from her home-based professionally equipped studio.

RUSART's studio address

15168, 36 Ave, Surrey, V3Z0Z6

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