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Special Art Courses

RUSART special courses are perfect for people looking for structured instruction and learning new things fast. Apart from our regular classes, where students are working on creating their paintings ready to hang on the walls, our special courses are aimed to teach techniques, not arts, within tight time frames. In other words, we will give you a lot of theory, perform exercises, and do plenty of material practice. We’d suggest taking our regular classes after or during these courses to practice and explore your artistic side.

Drawing and Graphic Art Fundamentals

10 sessions, 1 hr 20 min each
Price: $295+GST (art supplies included)
Time: Tue, 5.00-6.20 PM
Dates: April 16 - June 18, 2019

Materials use and practice
Basics of perspective
Basic forms
Shading rules
Cast shadows
Cross-hatching and other shading tecnhiques
Drawing in pencils, ink, charcoal
Still lives
Textures and materials (glass, metal, pocelaine)
Proportions and measuring
Basics of composition

Teens and Adults. Perspective Drawing

5 sessions, 2 hrs each
Price: 170+GST
Time: Tue, 6.25-8.25 PM
Dates: Nov 20 - Dec 18, 2018
New Westminster

1-point perspective
2-point perspective
Basic figures in perspective

Portrait Drawing I

10 sessions, 2 hrs each
Price: $340+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: Jan 8 - Mar 12, 2019
Time: Tue, 6.25-8.25 PM
Materials use and practice
General propotions
Facial propotions and perspective
Head anatomy
Drawing a blocky face from true plaster head sculpture
Drawing facial parts (eyes, nose, ear, forehead, lips ets.) in details
Portrait from a plaster head:
Portrait from a photo
Facial expressions
Portrait from life - important tips

Teens and Adults. Landscapes

8 sessions, 1.5 hrs each
Price: $230+GST
Time: Mon, 7.00-8.30 PM
Dates: April 15-June 17, 2019 (no classes Apr 22 and May 20)

1-point perspective
2-point perspective
Cityscape in Pastels
A landscape in watercolours
Colours and perspective
A seascape in gouache
Final landscape project in gouache

Oil Fundamentals I

10 sessions, 2 hrs each
Tuesday, 6.25-8.25 PM
Price: $369+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: April 16 - June 18, 2019

Materials and their use
Mixing colours
Basic forms and cast shadows
Under-painting techniques
Concept of Multi-Layering
Monochromatic Painting
Still Life and Landscapes
Glazing techniques
Painting with a palette knife
A la prima techniques

Still Life in Acrylic

6 sessions, 2.5 hrs each, 15 hours total
Price: $280+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: TBD

Still-life in realism from scratch to masterpiece
Composition in a still-life: lines and colours
Light, view and proportions
Fruit composition – all stages: under painting, painting layer, glazing layer
Secrets of how to paint different materials: glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain
Flowers in a vase – A la prima style
Glazing techniques
Drapery in still-lives

Full description of Still Life in Acrylic >>

Human Body Drawing I

8 sessions, 2 hrs each
$320+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: TBD

Line quality
Rough Sketching and gestures
Blind contour drawing
General proportions and construction
How to start life drawing
How to find right proportions
Human body through basic forms
Women’s and men’s bodies – difference in proportions and shading
Positive and negative drawing
Arms, legs, torso - anatomy and specific tips
Hands and their different positions
Poses and movements

Painting With Pastels Fundamentals

4 sessions, 3 hrs each
$240+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: Jan 13- Feb 10, 2019
No classes Feb 3, 2019
Sunday, 2-5 PM

Brief history of pastel media
Still Life with fruits.
Composition, contrast, rhythm
Still Life with flowers. Smudge and smooth techniques. Layering.
Interior of a studio. Linear perspective. Decorative painting
Drawing landscape with a reference photo. Air perspective
Painting window view. Air and linear perspective. Drawing from life. Compare and scale life to the drawing subject.

Mixing Colours (Acrylic and Oil)

3 sessions, 2 hrs each
$100+GST (art supplies included)
Dates: TBD

Pigments and colours.
What paints are made of and what makes them cost differently?
Colour use for different techniques
Primary colours: myths and reality
Secondary colours: which colours to use and why
Ways to de-saturate colours
Skin tones and palette for portraying and human body

Full description of Mixing Colours (Acrylic and Oil) >>

Linocut 1

4 sessions, 2 hrs each
Dates: TBD

Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with special carving tools. What is left uncarved will be seen at an imprint as a mirror image. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller, and then impressed onto paper or fabric. The actual printing can be done by hand or with a press printer.

How to make linocut and imprints
Techniques and steps of etching
Material use
Carving of layers
Printing of 2 coloured layers

Full description of Linocut 1>>

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