Art appreciation talks

For those who wants to understand arts

Do you understand art? I mean so you really UNDERSTAND it, or just can say "I like it or I don't". As all we know "I like it" is not a criterion, is just a question of taste; like for food. What you like or don't like doesn't make any art piece more or less valuable.

It's much easier to understand realism, but even there some hidden messages and secrets present. However, you can read them only if you UNDERSTAND arts. It's not easy; it doesn't come within a moment, but you can make your first steps towards it.

RUSART starts series of talks about art appreciation. We're not going to talk about artists' biographies -you can read them in a book or anywhere else; we'll be talking about arts. May be, at some point you'll see a universe inside Malevich's Black Square. We'll talk about this too.

Why these events are for you

You should come if you're learning how to paint. This seminar will give you some ideas what styles to try and what to do to make you painting look more eye-catching. You'll see what you can do for your growth as an artist and probably you could find your style easier.

You should come if art is you general interest and you'd like to understand it better. If you're still puzzled why a black square is so valuable and how to understand styles other than realism, this seminar will be very helpful.

You should come if you're absolutely lost in contemporary arts. We'll give some ideas how to understand it.

You should come if you think that price and value are equal as art appreciation.

You should come if you have nothing to do and want to spend few hours in a nice company and learn something new.

Session 1. Art Appreciation Criteria, or What Makes Paintings Valuable

January 14, 2-4 pm
$10 per person. Registration required. E-mail to Elena Perelman
12+ years old
At the first session we'll talk about art appeciation in general. Some history, some mystery. It's sort of introduction to different languages and their main characteristics.

Session 2. Art Movements of 15th-19th centuries: Characteristics, Values, Names, Impact

February 4, 2-4 pm
$10 per person. Registration required. E-mail to Elena Perelman
12+ years old
This session, we'll talk about understanding different streams in arts and their impact on art life. You'll learn how to time influenced the arts, how to distinguish art streams and read their languages.

Session 3. Art Movements of late 19th and 20th centuries: Characteristics, Values, Names, Impact. Contemporary Art

March 4, 2-4 pm
$10 per person. Registration required. E-mail to Elena Perelman
12+ years old
The most contradictory talk. The closer to contemporary art we go, the less clear ideas and values of painters. Why just splashes on canvas priced as millions of dollars? What happened to values set up by Renaissance? What artists should do to succeed? Why a toilet bowl is a piece of art now? How to understand contemporary art?

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