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DIY: Oil paints and painting from scratch

What is this workshop about? Learn and feel how it was to be an artist centuries ago! Together, we'll make oil paints from scratch, using high-quality non-toxic pigments and mediums. So, you'll learn what paints are made of, why they cost different and how to choose paints that work right for you as well as making your own paints, which saves you money and gives higher quality of a product. After that, we will paint with fresh-made paints on canvas. Unforgettable experience!

Is it for me? This workshop is quite free and relaxing. It involves working with pigments and some chemicals, so if you're sensitive to some agents, please let us know.

Is experience necessary? No experience is necessary.

How many sessions? 1 session, 2 hours.

How much? $48 + GST

Should I bring my art supplies? No, all art supplies will be provided.

When? Inquire about dates available.

How to register? Email to Elena Perelman and let us know your name, a workshop you are going to attend, your contact details (your e-mail and phone number), some information about your experience.

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