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Workshops. Mixing Colours

What is this workshop about? This workshop covers mixing colours in acrylic or oil, tone, temperature of colours, brightness, colour theory, colour wheel, colours and perspective, colours and contrast, colours and energy, and more. You also will learn more about your paints: what is inside the tube, how to read labels, and how it may help you in mixing colours. How to prevent health issues caused by paints will be discussed as well. Bring a pen to make notes.

Is it for me? Very helpful for everyone who started painting and struggles with colours.

Is experience necessary? Basic experience - no special skills.

How many sessions? 2 sessions, 2 hrs each

How much? $70 + GST.

Should I bring my art supplies? Yes, please. We DO NOT provide art supplies for this workshop. However, you can buy all you need at studio.

When? Inquire about dates available.

How to register? Email to Elena Perelman and let us know your name, a workshop you are going to attend, your contact details (your e-mail and phone number), some information about your experience.

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