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Little Talents - Art and chess for kids from low-income families

For applicants

According to Statistics Canada, one on every 10 children lives in a low-income family. About 23% of female lone-parent families are low-income. Starting 2017 we’re offering lessons for low-income families with discounts. Approved low-income families pay just 10% of tuition fees, when they sign up for a semester courses: chess or art, by parents’ choice.

How it works:
1. If you’d like to have art classes with us, please submit your application package by email (, mail (200-733 6th Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 3C6) , or in person (200-733 6th Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 3C6).
2. We accept and select applications from low-income families based on their eligibility
3. As soon as a qualified child is approved we place you in a list on "first come first served basis".
4. This program is financed by sponsors. If we have spots available your child will be enrolled in the program right away. If we don’t have enough available spots we’ll place you in a wait list and enroll your child as soon as possible.
5. We issue official tax receipts for all payments you make.

Application Package and Instuctions (PDF)

For Sponsors

As a small family-owned business we have limited funds to finance this project. Also, we try to keep our classes quite small in size (about 8 students) to deliver quality service. In order to be able to reach as many families as possible we're looking for sponsors to help us partially cover the lessons costs. We propose the following contributions:
- Families pay just 10% of tuition fees
- RUSART Fine Arts covers 20% of tuition fees and 100% of art supplies costs
- The remaining 70% of tuition fees we expect to be covered by sponsors

It costs just from $105 to $168 per school semester (10-16 weeks) to sponsor a child. You can sponsor as many children as you wish for as long as you like. If you can't afford to sponsor a child but still want to contribute, please use "Donate" button and make donation with PayPal. All 100% funds received go to finance the program.

Sponsorship Package (PDF)

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