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Our regular in-person art classes for children are the perfect way for young artists from 5 years old to develop their artistic and creative skills.

We're working with a wide variety of mediums: watercolors, gouache, pastel, pencils/crayons, oil pastels, acrylic and others.

We are sure that all kids are talented and our goal is to find their strength and develop their skills.


Our art classes for teens and adults are ongoing, where our professional teachers help you with all stages of your painting or project, from the beginning to the very end.

You'll be instructed individually and will get the right volume of theory and practice you need to accomplish your project.

We work in a variety of styles and mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolors, pencil-drawing, pastel, etc.


Have a special request?

Like portfolio preparation, a unique project or just prefer one-on-one instruction? We have this too.

If you have a special needs child or you have lack of confidence to work in a group setting, we also can help.

Just ask. Our average rate is $35+GST for 45 min or $50+GST per hour. Discounts for multiple bookings. On-line options avaialble.


Learn art with Elena Nahum Leroy right from home, yes your home.

We use Zoom for professional on-line sessions and always prepare slides, pictures and other supporting materials.

All sessions are live, interactive and educative. We have lessons for kids and adults.

Always get back to you with critique of your works.


In-person art programs that require special demonstration, tools and skills, such as jewelry-making, hot-enamelling, fresco-painting, oil painting, collage, dotting, etc.

All supplies provided, just bring yourself and smile. 


RUSART offers series of talks on art appreciation. We're not going to talk about artists' biographies in depth - you can find them easily online; we'll be talking about ARTS. Maybe, at some point, you'll see a universe inside Black Square by Malevich.

These seminars will give you some ideas on what styles to try and what to do to make your paint look more eye-catching. 

If you're still puzzled why a black square or just a ripped canvas are so valuable and how to understand styles other than realism, this seminar will be very helpful.

Some examples of what our students do

Upcoming Classes

january, 2021

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