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Joseph D'Silva

Joseph D'Silva is a Vancouver based Watercolour Landscape Artist. He has been drawing and painting for over 10 years and his passion for landscapes is very evident in his watercolour landscapes.

Joseph's love for watercolours began in Goa, India where he studied Art at the Goa College of Art. Prior to coming to Canada in 2005 he spent a few years drawing and painting in Goa where he remembers having fond memories of painting Landscapes in villages with boats and seascapes and the beautiful Goan Architecture in watercolours. He also has experience painting in various other mediums like oils, acrylics, pen and inks but till this day finds himself passionate about watercolours.

Over the years Joseph's work has been actively acquired by buyers from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and France. He has also taught classes to the local community, illustrated one children's book and a cookbook. Joseph also works as a Graphic/Web Designer and Developer for a digital agency and with Art these days he finds himself painting many travel destinations from all over the world in watercolours.

M With all of his experiences he hopes to impart all of his knowledge and skills to other budding Art students here at Rusart. He wishes you to stay passionate about Art and hopes to see you in one of his classes.

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