8 sessions,  45 min each $99+GST Art Supplies not included Oct 6 – Dec 1, 2020 (Tuesday) 3.30-4.15 PM We’ll draw together alligators, elephants, giraffes, squirrels, lynx, porcupines, foxes, and kangaroos. Live. Interactive. Educative. List of Supplies HB pencil and eraser Watercolour paper (8.5×11 in or bigger) Gouache Soft brushes (round and flat) Oil pastel Sharpie
EVENT DETAILS 8 sessions, 1 hrs each $160+GST Art Supplies not included Oct 19 – Dec 7, 2020 (Monday), 7.15-8.15 pm Everything, from mixing colours to paint application, from underpainting to glazing, from idea to final stage. Live. Interactive. Educative. To register please email to Session 1-2 Concept of multi-layering, kinds of underpainting and basic
8 sessions, 1 hr each          $160+GST Oct 19 – Dec 7, 2020 (Monday), 5.45-6.45 pm Session 1 Super heroes and poses. Drawing your very own super hero, following general guidelines, step-by-step Session 2 Facial Expressions. Drawing your very own super heroes (3-4 faces), following general guidelines, step-by-step Session 3 Other Characters. Drawing some animals
Please support your studio and by local. This summer we launched our own product line. For now, we offer professional watercolour medium, oil glazing medium and some textile goods, like aprons (designed by Elena Nahum Leroy), bags, face masks and face shields. All these you can buy form here: More high-quality products are coming
ONLINE Courses August-September season
We successfully started our new courses last week. One of the most loved and popular is My Favourite Animation Movie, where we draw and paints characters from different movies. Fun. Live. Interactive. Educative.
Who thinks that oil painting means ‘toxic’ never tried RUSART’s products. Non-toxic professional oil paints will be ready for artists to purchase and try this coming fall. In meantime, we’re presenting all natural Glazing Medium for Oil Paints. This medium brings out the richness of pigments and promotes permanence. As its optical properties do not deteriorate

Workshops are back

Last Thursday, Aug 6, 2020, we hosted the first in-person oil painting workshop after COVID 19 started. Within just 2 hours these brave women created first time ever their own still lives in oil. They learnt basics of oil paintings, finished foundation and successfully accomplished first painting layer. This picture is full of colours and
RUSART Casual is a high-quality brand for students and every-day use. These paints have very smooth soft texture, neither too thick nor too runny. With extra binding added, RUSART Casual acrylic paints are perfect for painting on canvas. Even professional artist would find this product beneficial: use it for underpainting to save your more expensive
Drawing Fundamentals
8 sessions,  1 hr each $160+GST Art Supplies not included Aug 10 – Oct 5, (Monday), 5.45-6.45 PM Session 1. Material use (pencils, soft mediums, pen on different paper), values. When and how to use and not to use different materials. Lines, energy, movement. Proportioning. Basic forms: cube, cylinder, sphere, cone. Session 2. Shading rules, smudging vs. cross-hatching, cast
Today we finished our Humpty Dumpty in watercolour and pen. That was a very interesting project, as we were working on both shading and layering in watercolours and shading and cross hatching in gel pen. One mistake with a pen – and all project gets ruined. Our students tried very hard and succeeded. Congratulations! Registration

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