Format of Lessons

Thank you for choosing RUSART Fine Arts Co. We offer 4 options for you: private lessons, regular classes, special courses and workshops.

  • Private lessons. Confirm your date, time, and rate by email in advance. Please be on time. Your lesson starts and ends as scheduled. Your late coming is not a reason for extending your lesson. If you come too early we may not be able to start your lesson earlier. In case of no-show without 24-hour notice, we will have to charge you in full. Normally, we don’t teach at the client’s place. Some exceptions may be made.
  • Regular classes. Registration required. If you choose to purchase a book of 4 or more classes, you will enjoy guaranteed place You should prepay either 4 classes or a month. Your spot will be reserved and guaranteed. All classes must be taken in 4 consecutive weeks. Skipped lessons will not be refunded. However, you can make up skipped lessons within 4 weeks, provided you notified us about your not-coming 24 hours in advance. If it happened you had to miss more than 1 lesson out of 4, you can make up skipped classes within your payment period. Please be on time. Classes start and end as scheduled. If you come too early we may not be able to accommodate you as studio space is limited and we may have other classes in progress.
  • Special courses. A course must be prepaid in full before the start date. If you change your plans, a full refund can be issued if claimed at least 7 days BEFORE the start date. A $20 cancellation fee will be charged. No refunds 7 days before a course start date and later. Skipped lessons will not be refunded. However, if we have the same course running at a later time you can always come and make up sessions at no charge.
  • Workshops. A full amount must be paid 24-hours before the workshop date. No refunds or credits.


  • Payment Methods. Normally, we invoice all our clients on-line and require to prepay classes with a credit card. If you'd like to pay in person, at the studio we accept cheques (payable to RUSART Fine Arts Co.). Also, you can pay with a credit or debit card or cash if there is an administrator on duty. No debit cards.
  • Time of payment. All other payments must be complete 24-hours before class/lesson date.

Liability Waiver

Parents of all students of 18 years old and younger MUST sign Liability Waiver, Pick Up Authorization, and Emergency and Medical forms. If that's your first class please arrive 5 -10 min earlier to have a chance to finish all paperwork before your class starts.

Art supplies

RUSART Fine Arts Co. DOES NOT provide art supplies for your lessons (unless it’s specified in our deals or special services, such as workshops).

Art supplies lists you can find below:

Art supplies for children's lessons
Art supplies for acrylic lessons
Art supplies for oil painting lessons
Art supplies for drawing lessons
Art supplies for watercolour lessons

Parents' participation

As our studio space is limited and our classes are not family events, we don't allow parents to sit with their children at a classroom. Some exceptions can be made if your child is 5 years old or younger and has separation anxiety (only if we have free seats). If you’d like to stay at the studio during our classes, we have a waiting room for that (New Westminster only).

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