ONLINE Special Art Courses

RUSART special courses are perfect for people looking for structured instruction and learning new things fast.

Apart from our regular classes, where students are working on creating their paintings ready to hang on the walls, our special courses are aimed to teach techniques within tight time frames. In other words, we will give you a lot of theory, show a lot of demos, and do plenty of material practice.

We also have very educative, interactive and fun courses for kids, where they can learn colour theory, art teachniques, movements and learn how to draw and paint animals, nature, paterns, cartoons etc.

We’d suggest taking our regular classes after or during these courses to practice and explore your artistic side.

All our online courses are always LIVE, INTERACTIVE and INFORMATIVE.

List of Courses:

Children 5-7 yrs (offered in English and Russian), 45 min:

- World of Colours

- Mythological Animals

- My Favorite Animation Movies

- My Own Magic World

Children 8-12 yrs. (English), 1 hr:

- World Art

- Ancient Greek Fables

- Harry Potter

- My Very Own Comic Book

Children 12+ (English), 1 hr:

- Art Movements

- Impressionism

Teens and Adults (English and Russian), 1.5 hrs:

- Anatomy for Artists

- Watercolour Fundamentals

- Drawing Fundamentals

- Acrylic Fundamentals

- Paitning in Gouache

- Portrait Drawing

- Oil Painting Technologies

- Mixing Colours and Colour Theory

- Old Masters' Techniques in Oil

- Creative Drawing and Basics of Illustrations

- Sketchbook as an Art

Upcoming Classes

july, 2020

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