If you don't want to take a course, or you're just visiting Vancouver for a few days, or just want to try a new thing, please join our one-day workshops.

There are. lot of fun things to choose from:

- Oil Painting Technologies (teens ans adults)

- Crazy Owl – Family Mixed Media Project (all ages)

DIY: Oil Paints and Painting from Scratch (teens ans adults)

- Simply Dotting (all ages)

- Original Old-Style Fresco-Painting (adults)

- Monotyping (teens ans adults)

- Oil Painting – Intro (teens ans adults)

- Lucky Penny: Hot Enameling in Jewelry Making (adults)

- Landscape or Fruits In Watercolors (teens ans adults)

- Oil Basics of Jewelry Making (teens ans adults)

- Tribute to Van Gogh in Acrylic or Oil (teens ans adults)

Please check our schedule below. Registration required.


Upcoming Workshops
Registration Requried

Due to COVID-19 all our face-to-face events and workshops cancelled till further notice. We schedule some for late summer 2020, but avaialbility depends on BC bylaws.

july, 2020

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